08 November, 2012

DailyZ#12 Angry Rhynn

Ouuuhouhou Scary.... or not

I had a good friend... and then I decided to sculpt her...


  1. Hey I'm a beginner at using Construct 2, and was wondering if you could help me with the realistic rope you made I love what you did with it and I believe that you could really help me a lot make my construct 2 Project I need assistance on making a character being able to swing back and fourth and go up and down and after a while he slides off basically you'd be a huge assistance to me and that'd help. So if you could maybe give me a project that completed this task or explain what you mean by tokens or anything really I want to be able to add this into my game. So if you could maybe just make a tutorial that is detailed with pcitures or a video or just a project I'd be really happy. I know this isn't where I should be pposting this but I thought this'd be the best way to get into contact with you.