08 November, 2012

DailyZ#12 Angry Rhynn

Ouuuhouhou Scary.... or not

I had a good friend... and then I decided to sculpt her...

07 November, 2012

DailyZ#11 :3

Here's a little cute lady just for ya.
About 2 or 3 hours of fiddling with Zbrush.
And a little bit of color on photoshop

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Little Walkthrough video. This one went through funny phases (:

04 November, 2012

"Try in and see!"

I refactored the mesh from the previous post.

 This guy has wise advices!

DailyZ#10 Old Man

Little speed I did after Danny Williams cool inspiring webinar at visualarium

The thumbnails is just for g+ and facebook to display something a bit neater

27 August, 2012

The Sheriff

I totally reworked my old website, adding some html5 gimmicks and creating more of a hub than a real "all-in-one" website.
You can check it out, it's really simple http://yanngranjon.com

Also I took part in the 24th Ludum Dare... it was fun, barely made it in time (:
here is my game

While I was gathering stuff to refresh my portfolio for a little session of job hunting, I came across this dude I was forgetting.
Although I was planing to do some more work on it, time and motivation were against me.
So I only just made some new rendering playing with BPR filters.

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13 August, 2012

Anat Study #3

Those damn legs weren't easy.
Based on Paul Richer's Traité d'Anatomie Artistique and some googling for some bones of the foot.
Also I didn't put the muscles underneath the foot 'cause you know.... that's just a big cushion of flesh down there.

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31 July, 2012

DailyZ#8 Flying Creature

Yeah I don't really know how to call it. It's a mix of bat, horse, cat, and dinosaur....

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30 July, 2012

13 July, 2012

Anat Study #2

Purely anatomical study. Boring Straight pose. I might pose it later and to make a more interesting study with some nice twisting. I don't know yet :]

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I also did a correction on the previous one and updated the post