08 November, 2012

DailyZ#12 Angry Rhynn

Ouuuhouhou Scary.... or not

I had a good friend... and then I decided to sculpt her...

07 November, 2012

DailyZ#11 :3

Here's a little cute lady just for ya.
About 2 or 3 hours of fiddling with Zbrush.
And a little bit of color on photoshop

View in 3D

Little Walkthrough video. This one went through funny phases (:

04 November, 2012

"Try in and see!"

I refactored the mesh from the previous post.

 This guy has wise advices!

DailyZ#10 Old Man

Little speed I did after Danny Williams cool inspiring webinar at visualarium

The thumbnails is just for g+ and facebook to display something a bit neater